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Air Vent CleanersNot only does Air Duct Cleaning the Woodlands service air ducts but we also clean dryer vents. Did you know that dryers are the number one household appliance that has caused house fires annually? The lint trapper in your dryer only traps about 40 percent of lint. Where does the other lint travel? Some of it is blown out of the home, while the other lint goes into the dryer vent. With the moist hot heat from the dryer heating the clustered lint in the dryer vent, the lint eventually blocks or restricts air flow. When this happens it causes for exhaust gases to back up and eventually can cause either a malfunctioned dryer or a fire.

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Our Special Offers It’s very important to have your dryer vent checked for blockage at least once every six months and your vents cleaned at least once a year. If your clothes are taking too long to dry, you notice a burning smell, the outside of your dryer is hot, or your vent flap won’t close properly you should have your dryer vent checked. Not only does having your dryer vent cleaned reducing the risk of a fire, it also saves you a substantial amount of money on your energy bill.

Did you know that for every cycle that your dryer dries, .70 cents are added onto your electricity bill? Think about how much money is being wasted when your dryer isn't even working to its full potential. Making the call to our 24 hour customer service representatives can’t harm. We are able to answer any and all of your dryer vent questions or concerns. We want to ensure not only your safety but also the safety of your loved ones. We guarantee a thorough and effective clean by our specialist. Give us a call today!

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